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📝 Biblo file extension

By default, Biblo files end in one of the following extensions:

  • .biblo.tsx
  • .biblo.jsx
  • .biblo.ts
  • .biblo.js

If you wish to change that, here's how you do it:

📦 Importing files

This will import all files ending in .customExtension.* (see regular expression)

const components = bibloImporter(
"/", // The root path to search in
true, // Recursive (keep searching in subfolders of the root path)
/\.customExtension\.[tj]sx?$/, // The files to search for

🅱️ Babel

Biblo uses Babel to list your examples in the same order you export them, but Babel needs to know how your files are named.

module.exports = {
plugins: [
regex: /\.customExtension\.[tj]sx?$/,

✨ Regular expression


The regex /\.customExtension\.[tj]sx?$/ will match all files ending in the following extensions:

  • .customExtension.tsx
  • .customExtension.jsx
  • .customExtension.ts
  • .customExtension.js